Al Gazzal Co. W.L.L started sowing its seeds in the year 1990’s, formerly knows as
“Al Qabandi Est” started operating business through salesmen ship with few determined skilled men. These men managed to sell and distribute these products to retail outlets and individual customers.

As the years passed by, the business grew remarkably. The small company was now transformed into a much bigger entity; this was due to the strong foundation of good customer and buyer relationship established along the years.

“ Al Qabandi Est” lasted from 1990-2006, which was later renamed as“ Al Gazzal Co. W.L.L” in 2007 till present, which is now recognized globally.

The company undertakes international imports from many countries around the world and supplies the imported goods to the Kuwait local market.

All the employees at Al Gazzal Co. W.L.L work hard and we appreciate their involvement at every step we take towards success.